Group Pega 7 Dropdown Options by Property

A Data Page can be used to provide the source for the options of a dropdown UI control in Pega 7. The dropdown control can be configured to either show a simple list of items or to aggregate the … Continue reading

Sort Pega 7 Dropdown Options with a Data Transform

A Data Transform can be used in Pega 7.1.9 to sort list structures such as a Page List. In this example, a Data Transform is used to sort Pega 7 dropdown options that are backed by a List-type Data … Continue reading

Cascading Drop Downs in Pega 7

This example shows how a foreign key type relationship can be configured between two reference data tables. A column in one data table will hold key values that refer to instances in the other data table. Additionally, an example … Continue reading

Configure a Pega 7 Auto-Complete Control Backed by Data Table

The following example shows how to create a data table and how to use it to configure a Pega 7 auto-complete UI control so that its options are sourced from the data table. The auto-complete control allows a user … Continue reading