Configure Pega 7 HTTP Proxy for REST Service Calls

For HTTP calls to e.g. REST services, a Pega 7 HTTP proxy may have to be configured. This is the case when the Pega 7 Exercise System from Pega Academy –using VMWare Player or Oracle VM VirtualBox– is installed … Continue reading

Deleting a Class in Pega 7

This post provides a step-by-step example of deleting a class in Pega 7 with the Delete Class Wizard. This wizard can be used to remove a class and all the rules it contains from a Pega 7 instance. Summary … Continue reading

Installing Ubuntu Desktop GUI on Pega 7 Exercise System

The Pega 7.1.6 Exercise System from Pega Academy runs on a virtual machine that uses the Ubuntu operating system. The virtual machine can be accessed through a command line interface that is provided by a virtual machine player such … Continue reading

How to Delete Pega 7 Ruleset

A rule set in Pega 7 can be deleted from the system within the Designer Studio using the Delete a RuleSet Wizard. Summary Quick Look at Sample Rule Set to Delete Delete the Sample Rule Set with the Wizard Related … Continue reading

How to Delete Case Type Instances in Pega 7 with an Activity

This example shows how the Designer Studio can be used to view case type instances and how an Activity can be used to delete case type instances from the PRPC database in Pega 7. The activities in this tutorial will use the … Continue reading

Access Pega 7 Exercise System Tomcat Admin Console

When Pega is installed as a Personal Virtual Server, using VMWare (as per the Exercise Systems on Pega Academy), the Tomcat web server’s manager application (aka admin console) can be accessed from the host operating system. In this post, … Continue reading

Setup FTP Connection to Pega 7 Exercise System

When running on a virtual machine as the Pega Exercise System, the PRPC 7 file system can be accessed using an FTP client application such as FileZilla to exchange files between the host system and the virtual machine. For … Continue reading

Access Pega 7 PostgreSQL DB with pgAdmin

This post shows how to access Pega 7 PostgreSQL DB with pgAdmin –assuming Pega 7 is installed to use PostgreSQL– and to view all Pega 7 DB tables. This example applies to the following Pega 7 installation method: Pega … Continue reading