Configure Pega 7 Activity to Show Public HTML Page

An Activity can be used in Pega 7 to process a HTML Rule using the Show-HTML method and to send the resulting page to a web browser. For an example on how to create such an activity and HTML … Continue reading

Configuring Pega 7 Activity to Show HTML Page

An Activity in Pega 7 can be used to process a HTML Rule and send the resulting content to a web browser. This is known in Pega as stream processing. This post shows how to create a Pega 7 … Continue reading

Pega 7 String Manipulation with Expressions and Functions

Pega 7 String manipulation can be implemented in data transforms and activities with expressions and library functions. The functions can be called called from within expressions. For this post, Pega 7.1.9 was used. Summary Sample Data Transform and Debugging … Continue reading

How to Delete Case Type Instances in Pega 7 with an Activity

This example shows how the Designer Studio can be used to view case type instances and how an Activity can be used to delete case type instances from the PRPC database in Pega 7. The activities in this tutorial will use the … Continue reading