Reporting with Pega 7 Report Definition Rules

This post shows how Pega 7 Report Definition rules are used to create reports for case type rules. Common use cases include list-type reports that show case instances and summary-type reports on data gathered during case processing, such as … Continue reading

How to Delete Case Type Instances in Pega 7 with an Activity

This example shows how the Designer Studio can be used to view case type instances and how an Activity can be used to delete case type instances from the PRPC database in Pega 7. The activities in this tutorial will use the … Continue reading

Creating a Java SOAP Service with Eclipse and Tomcat

In this example, the Eclipse Java EE IDE is used to create a new Java SOAP service. The Apache Tomcat web server is used to deploy and run the Java SOAP service and SOAP-UI is used to test the service operations. The … Continue reading