Access Pega 7 Exercise System Tomcat Admin Console

When Pega is installed as a Personal Virtual Server, using VMWare (as per the Exercise Systems on Pega Academy), the Tomcat web server’s manager application (aka admin console) can be accessed from the host operating system. In this post, it is shown how to do that for Pega 7.1.6 and Pega 7.1.9.


  1. Start the Virtual Machine and Confirm that Designer Studio is Accessible
  2. Obtain IP Address of the Virtual Machine
  3. Accessing the Tomcat Manager Web Application

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1   Start the Virtual Machine and Confirm that Designer Studio is Accessible

  • Use the VMWare Player to start the virtual machine. Click on the desired virtual machine and then click on the link Play virtual machine. It may take a few minutes for the virtual machine to start.

VMWare Player Play virtual machine

  • By default, the Designer Studio will be accessible through the URL:

Pega 7 Login Verify that Pega Designer Studio is Accessible

2   Obtain IP Address of the Virtual Machine

  • Note: If the Designer Studio is not reachable using the prpc hostname, the IP address of the virtual machine can be used instead.
  • Open the VMWare command line window and press enter to log into the virtual machine.
  • For the Pega Exercise System installations, use the following login credentials:
Pega 7.1.6: username = architect and password = password
Pega 7.1.9: username = root and password = install
  • On the command line, execute the command below to view the virtual machine’s IP address.
ifconfig -a
  • Here, the IP address is

Lookup Virtual Machine IP Address from VMWare Player Command Line using ifconfig

  • Then use it to access the Designer Studio.

3   Accessing the Tomcat Manager Application

  • The Tomcat manager application will be accessible through the URL:
  • By default, the Tomcat manager application is protected by HTTP basic authentication (BA) and a dialog window will appear that requires entering a username and password.
  • The default Tomcat manager application credentials are:
username: admin
password: password

HTTP basic authentication for Tomcat admin console (use admin, password)

  • The Tomcat manager application lists three Pega related web applications:
prhelp – The Pega Help System
prsysmgmt – The Pega System Management Application (SMA)
prweb – Pega PRPC, Designer Studio and Case Manager Portals

Tomcat admin console aka Tomcat Web Application Manager

  • Use the Start and Stop buttons to e.g. restart the prweb Pega PRPC application.

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