Access Pega 7 Exercise System Tomcat Admin Console

When Pega is installed as a Personal Virtual Server, using VMWare (as per the Exercise Systems on Pega Academy), the Tomcat web server’s manager application (aka admin console) can be accessed from the host operating system. In this post, … Continue reading

Setup FTP Connection to Pega 7 Exercise System

When running on a virtual machine as the Pega Exercise System, the PRPC 7 file system can be accessed using an FTP client application such as FileZilla to exchange files between the host system and the virtual machine. For … Continue reading

Reading a CSV File in Pega 7 and Populating a Data Table

This post shows how a Service and a File Listener rule can be used to automatically populate a data table based on an input text file (comma-separated values).┬áDuring processing, the delimited text file is parsed and for each row, … Continue reading

Access Pega 7 PostgreSQL DB with pgAdmin

This post shows how to access Pega 7 PostgreSQL DB with pgAdmin –assuming Pega 7 is installed to use PostgreSQL– and to view all Pega 7 DB tables. This example applies to the following Pega 7 installation method: Pega … Continue reading

Examples of Circumstancing in Pega 7

Circumstancing can be used to handle special scenarios that would normally require changes to an existing rule -the base rule- without having to change that rule. Circumstancing allows a developer to create a copy of the base rule -the … Continue reading